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What we believe we are seeing is the result of how our brains define what is real or not real. Optical illusions are an example of how our brains accept what is/is not reality. If we do not understand what we see, our brains fill in the missing pieces with what we have have seen, heard, thought to be true.

The pictures on this web site are horrific to the untrained eye and mind but remaining rational is an important factor in finding the truth. Knowing that there must be a logical explanation for these unidentifiable objects spurred me on. I refused to believe that something 'weird' had invaded my body, therefore my mind refused to see what others in the same situation saw.



Open Letter for Doctors. When I was told that this condition was Morgellons, I was determined to find a rational explanation for these skin lesions.

My G.P. received a copy of this document on the 31st October 2011. The next day I saw my G.P. for my appointment. My husband accompanied me. My doctor (Dr Mathewos Abraham) told us that he had visited this web site. He examined the plugs that protude from the sore on my shoulder. He said that he was 'horrified' and asked me if it is a parasite. My doctor promised to do his best to help me and he was determined to find out what was going on. Sadly Dr Abraham Died on 7th November 2011 less than one week after promising to help find out the truth about Morgellons.

General A sore on my nose filled with 'plugs'. This is the second time that this sore has erupted. The first time was twenty years ago. The white scar that it left behind was disfiguring. Mr David Whitby Plastic Surgery Consultant removed the previous scar. I had to pay for the scar to be removed as I could not have it removed on the N.H.S. Dr Glenda Sobey Geneticist Dermatologist examined this sore on 7th December 2011 at my Ehlers-Danlos consultation. In her letter to my G.P. she states that she 'felt had features suggested of a Basal Cell Carcinoma'. x20 zoom
Blocked Glands in Lips x20 zoom White lumps in my lips. A dental consultant told me that they are blocked glands and that he had them too but he did not say what they are blocked with or why. x20 zoom
Blue fiber found near sore x400 zoom Blue fiber embedded in my skin x400 zoom
Fiber resembles parasite found Near Sore x400 zoom Close-up of a black fiber x400 zoom
Plug from sore on shoulder x400 zoom 7th Jan 2012 This is a close-up of a plug x400 zoom

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